Behind the Scenes: Klear Solutions

Gunther Hamilton

Dizziness, light-headedness, drowsiness, and nausea. These are not the side effects of smoking too much weed, but rather some of the symptoms of exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) used in many commercially available glass pipe cleaning solutions. Alcohol, acetone, and D-Limonene are among the most common culprits found in cleaning agents. Washing out your pipe after cleaning might seem to get it clean, but any of these VOCs that remain are what you’ll be breathing in when you take your next toke.

Obviously, you’re not going to smoke out of a dirty pipe. Enter Klear Kryptonite – a clay-based non-abrasive formula engineered and tested to meet all state and federal environmental regulations to ensure a safe cleaning experience for both recreational cannabis users and professional cannabis growers and extractors.

Not only is Kryptonite the lowest VOC cannabis cleaner on the market today (<3% VOC) compared to alcohol and acetone, which is 100% VOC, it is the only cleaner that passed Colorado Health and Safety Board’s tests and is used by dispensaries all over the United States to clean displays and curing jars. Furthermore, it meets or exceeds stringent requirements to be sold in Europe, Canada and Japan.

“When you use (alcohol, acetone, and D-Limonene) to clean your pipe, and it still has an orange smell, you’re burning that off and breathing it. With Klear Kryptonite products, once you rinse the pipe with warm water, there is no chemical residue remaining,” points out Klear Solutions Director of Sales Gunnther Hamilton.

Klear Solutions was founded in 2012 by actual professional engineers intent on developing environmentally friendly cleaning products. Their entry into the cannabis industry came unexpectedly when some of the workers in the lab decided that the products worked especially well on their personal water pipes. The company took a closer look to see if there were similar products being sold, and what they discovered was that the majority of cleaning products designed for use with glassware were potentially toxic and violating EPA regulations.

Three years went into developing Klear Kryptonite. Along the way, chemists working with the Colorado-based company lab tested different solutions on over a hundred dirty glass pipes to determine the most effective formula.

Klear Kryptonite doesn’t rely on abrasion or harsh chemicals. It works by coating and bonding with resin builds up – no shaking or scrubbing; simply let it sit for 30 minutes and rinse it out with hot water. There are three products available – Kryptonite Original Formula, which comes in a water-pipe shaped container that can actually be smoked from when empty; Kryptonite Naked, which contains no added dyes or fragrance, and is rated # 1 by industry leaders including and Hotbox; and Kryptonite Cannabis Extractor Cleaner, which is specifically engineered for professional growers, connoisseurs, wax artisans and for cleaning cannabis concentrates and professional cannabis extractors.

You could say that Klear Solutions has cleaning down to a science. They’ve carefully crafted their entire line of products to give users the flexibility to clean all of their 420 and 710 accessories quickly and easily. Kryptonite cleans water pipes, extraction and dab tools, grinders, oil rigs, resin sinks, storage and curing jars, bong bowls and slides, and even clothes.

“When you speak to people who have used the product, they are truly impressed with how well it works. When we go to trade shows, vendors who are selling their own cleaning products, will stop by our booth to pick up a bottle of ours to take home,” Hamilton says. “Once people try Klear Kryptonite they never go back to anything else.” • 855.805.5327


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